Starry Station: Very powerful, easy to setup WIFI Station

Fast, smart, easy-to-understand Wi-Fi—all at the touch of a finger.

Starry Station makes your existing DSL, cable, or fiber Internet service seem simple. By consciously learning about your home Internet health, Starry identifies potential problems and suggests ways to fix them. Starry Wi-Fi Station comes in handy for other things too, like finding out how many devices are online, what’s using the most data, and more. The only thing easier than using Starry? Setting it up. In a few simple steps, it’s ready to go.

Starry Station - Touchscreen WiFi Router - Perfect WiFi For Your Whole Home. Fast Gigabit Speed, WPA2 Encryption
Start from: $299.98

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; The touchscreen router that makes fast WiFi easy to use and set up; Fast, whole-home WiFi: Better gaming, streaming and surfing; Makes Issues Disappear: Notifications identify problems with your internet, WiFi or devices; Easy WiFi Parental...

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Update at bottom:I have been using my Starry for about 4 days now and I have to say, it is amazing as to how things change. I'm an IT professional so I'm not afraid of technical setups, but this requires no technical knowledge to setup. Power it up, plug it into your modem and walk through the setup wizard on the touchscreen and you are done.Here is what you may not see in the description. It's a WiFi only access point(& Router), so you still need a modem. If you have an all-in-one modem (Like I do), turn off the modem's WiFi as you most likely will not need it any more since Starry becomes a great WiFi access Point for everything. The other thing that is not so apparent, is that you should connect everything to Starry. (In my situation, again I have all-in-one modem with 4 LAN ports on the back). This means do not use 3 of the other ports on the modem itself, just use the one port on the back of the Starry to connect a wired device or switch). Why? Because Starry won't be able to see those wired devices if connected to the modem. So to connect wired devices, you have to use the single OUT port on the back of Starry and connect it to a "Switch" (such as: TP-LINK 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch (TL-SG1008D) ) and then connect your wired devices to the switch.The Pleasant Surprise:I have about 25+ devices connecting to Starry(Image 1&2) - and all of them connected and none of them have dropped signal. (I did say I'm an IT Professional - and I do love gadgets).Read more ›
May 17, 2016
I switched to the Starry from a motorola modem+router because the all-in-one would constantly drop wifi and couldn't handle more than a couple devices at a time even when it was working. The starry saves me 2-3 resets a day and connections from my devices are incredibly fast. It took me a moment to recognize the value of having a touch-screen, but now that I've lived with Starry for a bit I use the screen to figure out if the last weak link in the chain (Time Warner Cable) is broken or if it's a device issue.For this price you'd expect amazing design and excellent performance, and the Starry delivers on both. I recently set up a Plex Media Server and was able to do all the port forwarding and fiddly nonsense from the app on my phone without having to even touch the device itself. It simplifies setup and I've not had an issue with operation since receiving it.One more note on TWC: if you have to deal with them, you know that they frequently under-deliver on speeds. With some evidence you can usually get credit out of them. Starry keeps graphs of total internet speed for the past week, so if you ever experience a day of bad internet you can simply screenshot the app and send it to the customer service rep as proof of their poor performance. It's super useful.TL;DR: it's a beautiful router with great range, simple interfaces, and high performance. It's absolutely worth the price and I'd recommend it over an Apple AirPort Extreme any day.
May 10, 2016
What a remarkable device! One of those rare occasions when everything the manufacturer says about its product turns out to be something of an understatement. I am neither a techie nor a new device addict--but I am one of the legion of wi-fi users who are incredibly fed up with the performance their networks provide. I have cable-provided internet service, allegedly at 300Mbs, but I spent far too much time watching the "buffering" rotating circle spin on my Mac or iPad instead of another Westeros inhabitant losing his head on Game of Thrones. So. I read some of the press on the Starry Station, read both their hyped ad material and the technical stuff behind it and decided to take the plunge (it is admittedly a somewhat pricey plunge at that). As it turns out, it's been the best $350+ I've spent in a very long time. Both the Starry Station screen and the Starry app that is available to download to your mobile phone contain a wealth of information about your internet speed, those speeds on each of your devices using the Station, the general strength of your wi-fi signal, and a great deal more (read the specs!). My old router gave me nothing more than a line of 5 blinking lights that told me absolutely nothing about my wi-fi. The strength of the Starry Station as router is noticeable from the moment you first set it up. Excellent information about the router, your signal, your devices using wi-fi, and the general health of your whole set-up appears at your fingertips on Starry's impressive touchscreen (it's also there on the Starry app if you're away from the router). And those spinning "buffering" circles?Read more ›
May 10, 2016
  • The touchscreen router that makes fast WiFi easy to use and set up
  • Fast, whole-home WiFi: Better gaming, streaming and surfing
  • Makes Issues Disappear: Notifications identify problems with your internet, WiFi or devices
  • Easy WiFi Parental Controls: Block usage on certain devices with just one tap
  • Never Wait On Hold: Request a call directly from the touchscreen or message via the app
  • Automatic Updates: Overnight updates deliver new and improved product features
  • Know Your Speed: Auto speed checks powered by let you know if you get the level of internet service you pay for
  • Works with all internet providers, modems and service types (cable, DSL, fiber, etc.)

Product Description

With Starry Station, performance and simplicity go hand-in-hand.

It gives you blazing-fast WiFi that’s easy to use and understand. It saves you the time and energy of troubleshooting by telling you when there’s a problem and how to fix it. Unlike with those blinking lights, you’ll never have to guess again.

It also comes with a host of other handy features, like one-click parental controls (block usage on any device with the touch of a finger), automatic speed checks so you’ll know if you’re getting the speed you pay for, name and password display, and much more—all through a touchscreen.

A better, easier way to WiFi is finally here.

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