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Designing matching business card and stationery pack

Matching business card and stationery pack (including letterhead and envelope) are essential for your brand. After designing your business logo you may want to also create a matching business card and stationery for your brand. (See our sample images)

Another stationery option to consider is note cards with matching envelopes. While most sales letters, contracts, etc. can be handled using digital communications, a thank you note or other short, handwritten message on a small, branded note card printed on quality paper can add a special touch to your communications.

Brochures don’t have to be just a mere container for your company’s best offers.

You can do more — it is one of the most versatile offline marketing materials after all — even with a simple trifold.

A brochure can tell your brand story in a way a flyer or a poster can’t: you can have an impressive introduction on the cover, a powerful body of products or services, and a compelling closing call-to-action that drives impact.

These design proves that your brochure doesn’t have to be several pages long. It can just be a back-to-back page, segmented in a trifold.

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