Let Us Build Your PC For You

Today building a gaming PC doesn't have to mean spending an arm and a leg. We pick your parts well and cut the right corners, it's entirely possible to put together a great budget build that still performs excellently in the latest games, multitasking, picture edition or video editing.

For this budget build we're targeting a price of $600 ~ $750, give or take, but with room to grow into a future higher performance rig.

If You Looking for Sky Rocket Machine and money is not a problem – Tier 4 desktop systems are the highest performing, most stable, enthusiast grade computers in the world. Expect to play everything, do anything, and perform any task in an instant. This next generation technology is for the most hardcore gamers in the industry. 😉 prices on this category 2K+

STOP! Don't throw Your old PC!

If You plan to build BUDGET PC and Have an old computer that needs to go? Don't toss it just yet! – We can reuse some parts and save You $$$

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